With bright sunshine, blue skies and very hot weather (temperatures above 35 degrees) we made our first test flights in the Vechta Moor. Besides flying over a renaturalized and rewetted part of the bog ecosystem with our Wingtra (Reliable as always!), we have recorded a small area with a LIDAR system. Despite the difficult conditions (always strong thermal activites due to the heating of the black bare peat areas) the LIDAR flights were quite successful. Tests were carried out at different altitudes and different speeds. Now the data will be evaluated to find the optimal settings for flying over a bog ecosystem.

WingtraOne ready for takeoff


The basecamp. The shade was very welcome with temperatures above 35 degrees that day.


Preparation of the LIDAR flights.




The automatic waypoint flight is activated.


Always keep an eye on the drone.


Landing after a successful flight.